You know I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like Jesus? I mean, wherever you fall on the religious spectrum, I think we can all agree a Being who loved and cared for others to the point of being killed for them is pretty DOPE, right? I mention this both because Christ’s Love transformed my life, and to talk about Easter. I recently learned Easter wasn’t a special holiday for the first couple hundred years of the Church. Why? Because they celebrated EVERY Sunday like it was Easter. EVERY seventh day was a holiday of EPIC proportions for them, a PARTY to honor the life-giving, healing, and transformative power of Love.
I think there’s a life lesson we can learn from the early Church. In fact, I say we can take it to the NEXT LEVEL. Not only do I think it’d be fantastic to live, love, and celebrate once a week like it’s a holiday, I’m convinced we can live EVERYDAY as if it’s our favorite annual party. We can do this by remembering each breath is a gift, every morning is a miracle, any step is glorious, the sun rises and sets are breathtaking works of art, hugs are stupendous, kisses are magic, and all loving touches or words are to be cherished. Please note, this is NOT to avoid or ignore our sorrows, tears, and hurts, but to include them in a transcendent Bliss and Love.
There is SO MUCH to celebrate in life. There are gifts ALL AROUND us ALL THE TIME. With this in mind, today I invite you to practice living everyday like it’s a holiday and a PARTY!


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Grace and peace,