The other day my wife playfully, but seriously told me: “Christmas is everyday, because it’s in your heart.”  Laughingly I teased: “My heart must be awfully crowded, with Jesus and Love in there too!”  Seriously, though, I think she has a great point.  What if we lived everyday like it was Christmas?  I bet we could, and it would be AMAZING!  More joy, peace, and love would be INCREDIBLE!

Let’s get specific and practical though.  Consider when people open presents together.  In a very real sense, we do NOT compare and compete when it comes to opening presents, we simply celebrate what others get.  Why is that important?  Because, as Brene Brown points out, comparison kills happiness.  When we compete and compare, we will end up LESS happy, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and perhaps miserable without even knowing it, because there is ALWAYS someone with a sweeter gift, better home, nicer job, larger income, sexier body, doper yoga pose, cooler clothes, and so on.  In its pure form, though, Christmas short-circuits the comparison mentality our culture preaches to us.  Christmas’ counter-narrative is celebration, and celebration increases and creates happiness in you and for others … EVEN in the MIDST of hardships.

With all this in mind, today I invite you to practice living Christmas everyday by celebrating others, yourself, and life itself.  While this will most naturally come during “successes”, I urge you to also encouragingly cheer people on during normal things, missteps, and even mistakes.  Celebrating the people over the outcomes.


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Grace and peace,