We all know we can’t literally “give 110%”, even though we say we’re going to when we want to dig deep … BUT, what if we could?  I realized some years ago EACH of us has a masculine AND a feminine “side”, regardless of our gender we have some of both.  The yogis talked about this in terms of Yin and Yang, of lunar and solar energies.  With this in mind, I think we truly can give 110%, or more, by using BOTH our masculinity and femininity toward a given endeavor.  This means being hard AND soft, confident AND vulnerable, courageous AND kind, fierce AND peaceful, and so on.

What I’m talking about here is finding balance in our lives and maximizing our efforts.  Note, to be well-balanced doesn’t necessarily mean 50% Yin and 50% Yang, cultivating a relationship calls for more peace and kindness than ferocity, while scrubbing dishes takes more strength than flexibility.  Instead, my point is twofold: First, most everything calls for a bit of both, the “sweet spot” comes when you adjust your Yin and Yang levels to meet the situation.  Second, it seems to me our culture overemphasizes and is super good at encouraging our masculine, fiery “sides”, so my hunch is the work for many of us is to turn the dial up on our feminine, watery elements.

With this in mind, today I invite us to give 110%, or more, in our doings and beings by calling on both our Yin and Yang energies, by wisely balancing our feminine and masculine “sides”.  For instance, when you’re metaphorically or literally lifting “weights” think/speak kindly and breathe peacefully to find more ease in your effort.  Likewise, when you share or give of yourself for the goodness of others, do so with a sense of confidence and courage.  Maximize your doings by balancing your energies, calling on underused aspects of yourself to allow you to be even more AMAZING.


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Grace and peace,