We have a placard hanging in our house that reads: “Love Lives Here”.  This reminder isn’t just true about our house, it’s True about every person ever.  Wouldn’t it be grand and change the world if each of us wore a sign to remind ourselves and others of this?  I read an eye-opening article by actor Josh Radnor in which he points out how “in his book ‘Carpe Jugulum’, Terry Pratchett has a character define sin thusly, ‘Sin, young man, is when you treat people like things.'”  What he was getting at is how many of the troubles in our lives, families, communities, and the world stem from regarding ourselves and others as things.  By objectifying people we name them less than human, which leads to division, exclusion, neglect, and harm.

Namaste, the yogic greeting, seal, and farewell, though, has the power to heal, bring together, and unite us.  This infinitely deep word means: The divine, the spirit, the Light, and the Love in me, sees, honors, bows to, and salutes the same infinite, magnificent, mysterious, and loving spark residing in you.  This isn’t some pie in the sky, feel good sentiment though; instead, Namaste is a Truth asking something of us.  If I see the divine and Love in myself and you, how could I exclude, shame, violate, or hurt?

I don’t know about you, but I need this reminder on the regular, like water, as, being conflict avoidant, my bias is to exclude, ignore, and avoid.  While when I do that I stress and worry, entering a hell of my making, heaven is also always here for each of us.  A world of Namastes, wherein we name and honor the Love in everyone is surely heaven.  So, today I invite us to practice thinking, seeing, speaking, and acting all Namaste all the time.


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Grace and peace,