What words come to mind when you think of “life”, as in your or my life?  Some of my favorite words to sum up a thriving and flourishing life are “flow”, “dance”, “play”, and “love”.  I think the more we experience reality in ways that line up with these images, the more blissful and incredible things get for us and others, even and perhaps especially amidst challenges and troubles.  Since it’s football season, I thought we could learn a lesson on how to achieve this via a football player.  In talking about kicking field goals successfully, all-time great Chuck Nelson said: “The key is to find the right combination between determination and relaxation.  The main purpose of concentration and focus is to find a way to get your brain out of the way and let your body do what it’s supposed to.”

Chuck’s image brings to my mind the beauty of effortless doing and how incredible it is to live IN the flow.  What I mean by those can be summed up by two truths: Everything goes better when we’re connected, and the nature of reality, the grain of the universe is Love.  As I see it, being “connected” means acting in a way that’s in line with our best and True Self, linking our lives to others, and operating in accord with Spirit.  Likewise, when we give and receive kindness, care, and positivity we rise to great heights together.  Yet, if we don’t speak and act from love, we suffer and bring pain to others.

With all this in mind, today I invite us to practice effortless doing and living IN the flow.  Smile more as it brings ease and happiness, laugh at yourself, play with others, flow with your breath, let your mind rest into a hammock between your ears whenever possible, and speak and act from love.  If we all did this I bet it’d be like a nuclear explosion of bliss.


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Grace and peace,