After a fabulous holiday weekend, I woke up Tuesday morning with TOO much to do.  Not only was my work day chalk full, I was teaching a new yoga practice I wasn’t totally comfortable with yet, there was a bunch of adulting to do, and the list of projects I needed to work on was daunting. Fresh on my mind, though, was this reminder: “You’ve only got attitude.”  Lisa and I had just listened to an interview of Debra Searle, an English adventurer and motivational speaker.  This badass rowed across the Atlantic almost entirely by herself; her then husband began the journey with her, but developed a fear of the ocean and had to leave 2 weeks into the 3.5 month voyage.

Debra’s only human interaction during this time was brief satellite phone calls to her family.  One day after she griped about her struggles and worries, her twin sister told her “you need to choose a better attitude!”  After some initial defensiveness, Debra realized she was totally right.  At sea, as in life, while most everything that happens is outside our control, we ALWAYS get to pick the attitude we face and respond to our circumstances with.

With Debra’s story fresh on my mind, in the face of the stress of too much to do and not enough of me, I adopted a mentality of calm and confident … and it changed the course of my day from crazy to celebratory.  Today I invite us to remember “we’ve only got attitude”, and pick one to meet what our day holds so we can THRIVE!


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Grace and peace,