Love NEVER leaves us—we leave love.  SARK, an author on transformation and growth wrote that in a letter on dating the world, and I couldn’t agree more.  We never have to search for love because Love actually is all around us.  YOU are a uniquely AMAZING expression of Love in the flesh!  Which takes me back to SARK’s idea about dating the world.

Dating the world is about spreading and growing love wherever we are, at least as best as we can.  It means finding and/or creating the love while caught in traffic, in the middle of of a difficult relational situation, during a tough day at home or work, in the midst of despair or sadness or righteous rage.  No matter the person, place, or situation Love resides there.  As we recognize and learn to see this, when we date the world we practice “creating more love in as many circumstances as possible.”

With this in mind, today I invite us to date the world.  Lets give ourselves for the thriving and flourishing of anyone and everyone.  Big hindrances to this are fear and our inner critic, who often sounds like another person.  When we dwell on what didn’t happen, or when we worry about what may go wrong, it’s like we’re living with our eyes shut, meaning we experience less of Love’s light.  The Truth, though, is when we open our eyes to the Love in us and around us, deciding to share, give, and encourage, we experience a bomb of bliss.  Love is like a boomerang, which always comes back.  There’s no end to it, so share smiles, hugs, prayers, thoughts, words, meals, deeds, and so on.  Here’s to growing gladness by dating and loving the world!


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Grace and peace,