I LOVE music. Which means we go to concerts pretty frequently. On Saturday we saw Lady Gaga, who put on an AMAZING show. This year we’ve also seen U2, Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons, James Blunt, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and you wanna hear something wild? They ALL emphasized the same message: LOVE. Specifically, they sang and spoke passionately about inclusion, freedom, peace, kindness, care, compassion, and celebration.
Chili Pepper’s Flea repeatedly, in his own fiery and “colorful” manner, urged us to bring more peace, kindness, and love into our worlds. Bono brought tears to my eyes by painting a picture of a land free from oppression, exclusion, and violence. And he wasn’t talking pie in the sky, U2’s singer was getting at how EACH and EVERY one of us can mindfully choose to bring more of heaven to earth in our everyday, regular lives. Likewise, Lady Gaga sang about the healing power of love.
They are prophets telling us how in our hyper-individualized and overly competitive society, we get so caught up in achieving, acquiring, comparing, and winning at life, we forget we BELONG to each other. We are ALL sisters and brothers of the same Divine Source. We divide, creating walls and boundaries, instead of uniting because we lose sight of Love. There is NO LIMIT or END to it, and NOTHING Love can’t do. It’s infinite and everywhere. It fills us and binds us all together. So, today I invite you to heed the words of our modern day prophets by checking people out, NOT to compete, but to for CARE, COMPASSION, and CELEBRATION.
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Grace and peace,