Have you ever said something hurtful or dumb, and wished you could hit the rewind button to make it so the words never came out?  As Lisa and I watched the Seahawks game, while I was taunting the other team for frequently complaining to the refs over trivial things (my first mistake), I called them “a bunch of girls”, a WAY bigger misstep.  While this was an honest slip of the tongue from a previous life, it still makes me wonder: Why do we say or do unkind things?  I think it all goes back to Love, when we’re disconnected from it we act from insecurity, fear, and anxiety, while when we’re we’re connected, we move from fullness, peace, and joy.

Truth be told, I have a hunch our worries, stresses, and thinking we’re “less than” come more from feeling unloved than from life’s troubles.  This leads me to one of the most beautiful Christian beliefs, perichoresis.  Perichoresis is a Greek word that sums up the nature of reality.  It means life is a circle dance of Love wherein the persons of God are perpetually giving themselves to one another, the world, and us, for the thriving and flourishing of others, and we’re invited to join the party.

When I suffer and/or inflict hurt on others, it’s because I’ve left the dance, so I rejoin the blissful boogie by reminding myself I’m beloved and pouring myself out for others.  I don’t think I’m alone in this cycle of receiving and giving kindness and care as the means to rejoining the Flow.  With this in mind, today I invite us to breathe Love.  On the inhales hear and feel a divine “I love you” enter and fill you, and on the exhales breathe “I love you” out to anyone and everyone!


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Grace and peace,