I frequently shake my head in disbelief at how kind and caring my daughter is.  When I was 14 my world revolved around sports, fun with friends, school, and girls.  The loving kindness Lara shows toward everyone wasn’t even on my radar until well into my adulthood!  Why?  How did she blossom so quickly?  Like me, she’s been a Christian her whole life.  But, while I grew up believing God was elsewhere, bliss will be later, and goodness was foreign, she trusts the Divine is everywhere, heaven is now, and excellence is inherent.

I think part of why Lara has such a big heart is because she’s long lived what Richard Rohr wrote in his most recent book: “God loves things by becoming them.”  Yogis name this Truth every time we say “namaste”.  When I thought the Creative Force behind reality was completely separate from us, I lived a small life.  Conversely, though, journeying with an awareness that everyone is a miracle, everything is sacred, each breath contains Spirit, and Love is everywhere, lights us up from the inside out, even in the darkest of times.

With this in mind, today I invite us to breathe divinity, see beauty, feel kindness, and be Love together.


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Grace and peace,