In yoga we generally end our practice with Namaste, meaning “the Divine in me sees and honors the Divine in you.”  This sweet, yet radical reminder mirrors my Christian tradition in that Namaste declares EACH of us has divine beauty, eliminates the borders between and within us, proclaims everyone essentially and fundamentally precious and good, and eliminates any reason for us to be or stay divided or in conflict.  I end my yoga practices with an invitation to hug or high-five because I think it’s a way to live and celebrate these Truths together.

I believe we’re each a unique creation of infinite, awe-inspiring Love, but the trick and struggle is to see and feel this deep reality.  Meghan Currie, a yoga teacher of mine, says: “When we really stop and drop all efforts and allow ourselves just to be, as we are, without any need to poke, prod, fix, squeeze, try, do, add or subtract – where we find ourselves is in a state of deep steep, a state of simple Being.  This is one of the most delicious and powerful skills we can acquire.”  Tuning into this Big Bliss is as simple, yet complex as Breathe, and Be.  Let ourselves and everything breathe and be.

In our rapid-fire, media saturated, always on the go culture not only can it be hard to slow down and take time to just be, it can be downright scary.  Insecurities, fears, ugly thoughts, harmful beliefs, old hurts, inner critics, and such can arise.  The trick, though, is to stay with it, to keep breathing, to keep feeling, and to keep seeing, as presence and breath will steadily, like fresh, mountain water, wash away our dirt and reveal a precious pearl.  Breathing mindfully, deeply feeling our bodies and emotions, and truly seeing what’s around us for a second, minute, or hour is all it takes to breathe and be, which quiets our minds and connects us to a deep Source of peace, joy, and love.  So, today I invite us to practice breathing and being to connect to Big Bliss, the Spirit that always has been and always will.


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Grace and peace,