Every week I write a short meditation for my yoga classes (like this) that I post here, plus a longer blog post.  Last week’s blog was: Practices, Rituals, and Routines for Staying and Growing in Awesomeness, ESPECIALLY When Things Get Crazy.  After reading it, my wife Lisa said she would have liked to hear more about a practice we can do all day everyday, so I decided to write this week’s meditation about it!

For two weeks, thousands of us around the world have embarked on an endeavor to increase happiness and love named the Blissology Project.  My teacher and leader of Blissology, Eoin Finn says the term bliss is also an acronym meaning: Beautiful Living is Super Simple.  I could not agree more!  It seems to me most of life is beyond our control.  Weather, accidents, illnesses, deaths, fires, injuries, losses, and so on happen to the best prepared of us.  BUT, we ALWAYS get to choose our response.  Joy is always in us.  Love is constantly around us.  Peace is forever just a breath away.  Some people call this living mindfully and Brother Lawrence named it practicing the presence of God.  I think they’re all getting at the same thing: BLISS.

Think of it this way, LOTS of years from now, imagine you’re enjoying a slow, peaceful, and graceful journey into death.  What will you want?  What will make the process enjoyable?  I’m willing to bet it’s family, friends, connection, love, joy, celebration, stories, laughter, holding hands, hugs, and so on, as THESE are what matter most in life.  Life isn’t a game, it’s a gift, and our purpose here isn’t to win, it’s learning to love.  It’s really that simple, so let’s do MORE of THAT!  Living mindfully is connecting and celebrating more and more everyday.  It’s moving about our days with love on our minds.  While culture teaches us to compete and acquire, practicing the presence tells us to connect, share, and care.  After all, while the world IS short on fossil fuels, there is NO END TO LOVE.  As Eoin says, it’s the ultimate renewable resource.

In yoga classes I frequently encourage people to “tell a good story in your head.  Make it one you’d pay to see in a theater.”  BLISS is an inside job, it starts by choosing to see the best in ourselves, others, and the world, which then naturally and easily leads us to act in caring and celebratory ways.  So, today I invite us to practice BLISS, practice seeing the joy in each moment and living more and more from an awareness and place of love.


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Grace and peace,



Grace and peace to you. Have a beautiful day.