Feet are fabulous!  They’re these magnificent marvels that move, flex, bend, root, and balance, allowing us to step, walk, jump, dance, and play.  When we stop to think about it, they’re really quite incredible … don’t you think?  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Feet are also wonderful sensory organs that are gateways to Presence.  They connect us to the earth, they ground us, they tune us in to the calming, steady rhythm of nature that’s beneath us always.

When feel into and drop our awareness into the bottoms of our feet, even for a second, it’s like we’re babies being held in the loving arms of our mom.  When we’re anxious, rushed, worried, and stressed, we can recenter, relax, and release by feeling our feet beneath us, letting them gently root into the earth below.  This place of connection plugs us into the peaceful, filling energy of what I name God, but you might call Source, Spirit, or Nature.

With this in mind, today I invite us to practice using our feet as access points to Presence.  Feel down to feel “out”, tuning ourselves in to a Presence bigger than and beyond ourselves.  Connect into the Grace, Peace, and Love that’s holding, carrying, and with us at all times.


(Giving my toes some love 🙂


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Grace and peace,