Over Easter weekend, my wife and I got to attend Olya’s Nectar Flow yoga practice, a delicious class we adore.  Toward the end she had us stretch our shoulders with our arms overhead in a Y and a strap pulled taut between our hands.  Being who I am, this reminded me of Jesus hanging and dying on the cross.  This powerful act of selfless service and expression of what Big Love does changed and continues to transform the world.

On a related note, on Easter we went to two family parties, which meant we had a good amount of food to prepare to bring with us that morning.  But, my wife Lisa, being the kindest and most caring person I’ve ever met, and knowing since we’d just returned from a vacation in Ireland I was really craving a long run, joyfully insisted I go move my muscles while she prepped our dishes.  We were both happier for it because selfless service both enlivens the recipients and invigorates the giver.

In a big, brutal, and beautiful way, on the cross Jesus showed us Love is the most powerful force in the universe, able even to defeat death!  Giving ourselves for the thriving and flourishing of others, like Lisa did, is the energy of Love, which I believe is the Flow of reality.  A different way to say this is Love is shifting from “me” to “we”.  In short, the more we change our thinking, being, and doing from me-focused to we-centered, the more amazing we become!  With this in mind, today I invite us to practice changing our consciousness from “me” to “WE” in whatever simple ways make sense.


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Grace and peace,