Cherish your people. Hug them deeply. Tell them “I love you”, as often as possible. I recently realized, ever since the day I should have died in 2008, that’s how I live. You never know when “this” time together, or goodbye, will be the last. What is more: Choosing to be fully with who and what is present each moment—with love—brings SO much bliss!Honestly, even amidst sharing the stresses and struggles of life, such heart-to-heart connection brings brightness and lightness.

I think this is part of why Jesus says: You must lose your life to find it. I believe it’s why many of the most loving, compassionate, and joyful people I know (or know of), are those who’ve gone through the proverbial wringer. We quite naturally get “tied up” by the expectations, cares, and worries of life; yet, when events or choices cut these strings, we are set free to live more vibrantly, fully, and lovingly than we thought possible! Do you know what I mean? The more I try this belief out, the more I find it to be true.

In Blissology (my yoga family), we say: Connection is our currency. While there is nothing wrong with a big bank account, prestigious job title, great house, etc.; life is first and foremost a team event. We’re created to journey through the magical mystery of consciously going through this weird thing called life together. Don’t you think? Both sorrows and celebrations shared with others, are pretty much always better.

Life is a tapestry of love—woven by threads of relationship—so let’s love and live like it’s our last day on earth: Big, bold, and beautiful!

Hugs & Love,


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