Every morning as Lisa goes to work, we kiss to “start” our day. And, the next time I see my reflection, my lips will typically be glittery from her sparkling amazingness (like in the pic). It might be her lip gloss … but, I’m sticking with her being amazing. 😉 Isn’t that how it works, though? Love leaves a mark.

Whether it’s a mark of blessing (like Lisa’s kisses and encouraging words), or one of cursing (as others have also “gifted” me), love impacts us all. Even the Divine it seems, is marked by love, in that the resurrected and celebrated Christ, alsobears the wounds of the cross. As Jesus models: The more we love, the more open-hearted we are, and the more open-hearted we are, the more vulnerable we become to ALL the things—from “cuts” to “kisses”, but especially a life rich with flourishing!

For instance, with nothing but love, understanding, and gratitude to my 2 ex-wives, I’d say being divorced twice REALLY breaks a guy. Yet, here’s the plot-twist those and other traumas have revealed: When we let it, and also do the hard work of participating in our healing, the Light will pour through our wounds and fill us with more Love than we ever knew was possible. I’m not alone in this though, I’ve seen it time-and-again in others, and it’s what I believe Jesus showed. Even though love of others led to His betrayal and murder, when the Christ came back from the dead, He came NOT with fire and vengeance, but with MORE love, forgiveness, peace, and unity.

While love leaves us marked with both “glitter” and “bruises”, it seems when we follow Christ’s example, BOTH become benefits: Love, while leaving us open to hurt, not only does no harm, but forever heals and carries us to greater levels of aliveness. So, may we let Love’s radiance flow into and through us as a blessing to all!

Hugs & Love,


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