There are moments when I see the essence of my wife Lisa.  The radiance of her being is so beautiful even the best poetry would fall short of capturing her.

Likewise, there are instances when the lines between us blur, blend, and vanish.  Our connection is so rich I can’t tell where “I” stop and “she” starts.  The intimacy and unity in these times is beyond words.

These moments seem to come when our minds are quiet and we’re fully present in the here and now in an unfiltered and uncategorized way.  I share this because I’m convinced Love Lacks Labels.  Love is a total being hug, if that makes sense.

The instant we label someone, including ourselves, we limit and confine the magnificently complex, endlessly nuanced, and beyond words amazing being each of us Truly is!  While descriptors like mom, dad, Democrat, Republican, Christian, atheist, male, female, and so on are helpful, WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THESE WORDS!

Love sees beyond labels to the essence of each of us.  Love exists in a realm beyond words, a space of lightness, freedom, acceptance, harmony, connection, and big bliss … and those are just the best “words” I have for something so much bigger.

Recently I’ve really been digging practicing experiencing people, moments, events, etc. without labeling, defining, or describing them in my head.  Pure, unfiltered awareness.  I rarely get further than a few seconds, but the affects are pretty dang glorious.  Who is down for practicing loving life, people, and more like this with me?


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Grace and peace,