I remember a skit from when I went to university in the ’90s. I was in Campus Crusade for Christ (I even emceed our big meetings for a good while), and this play featured a silent Jesus following a college student everywhere they went–studying, partying, going to church, etc. The point, as I remember it, being: Do good, because God is always watching. Always! At the time I found it motivating. Later I viewed it as shaming and manipulative. But now, with a new perspective, I find it incredible news. Why?

There is no escaping Reality, aka “God”, and this Truth is the biggest blessing ever, because it means Love is ever and always with us, around us, and within us. Love is truly everywhere!

While judgements, worries, hurts, and traumas are part of Reality, Love is bigger. Love holds all of us, as well as ALL the wrongs, rights, and rest of life, in its kind, caring, and healing embrace.

I share this with conviction because I both believe: (1) God is Love and (2) Love is the rhythm, fabric, and nature of the Universe. Now, Love is not an additive to the Divine nature, or one of God’s many parts, Love is the very nature of God. Not only is that literally what 1 John 4:8 and 4:16 say, but the more intimate I’ve grown with the Magical Mystery Behind This All, the more I’ve felt and experienced it as Truth. Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying God isn’t just, holy, righteous, etc., I’m saying ALL of those are held within, and originate from Divine Love.

We come from Love, are made to Love, and return to Love.

I believe and trust Love is the grain of reality, because when I go against the flow of Love suffering comes. Meanwhile, when I ride the tide of Love, flourishing follows. It’s that simple.

Love is Everything and Everywhere. The more I remember and live from this, the better it all goes. What do you think?

Hugs & Love,


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