I wonder if you can relate with this?  When I was younger I was told, and believed, while we’re supposed to spread love and kindness, we’re inherently broken and bad.  Grace meant against “His” better judgment, God turned a blind eye to my faults and reluctantly decided to love me anyway.  We truly become our thoughts; and even though I knew I should tangibly care for others, not only did I not want to; I sucked at it because I believed I was unworthy and unlovable. (NOTE: there were certainly many more nuances to my story, view of God, etc. than this, but in retrospect I’d say this a good summary of a defining narrative in my life)

Now, years removed from this old story, my wife regularly tells me I’m “the kindest person” she’s “ever met”.  What changed?

The dramatically life changing realization for me was the Divine’s single, unwavering disposition toward me is Love. Grace isn’t God making exceptions to heavenly rules; it’s our Creator’s very nature, whereby Spirit wantonly gives favor and approval to everyone for no reason.  When we reject, or aren’t awake to this Truth, like I had been, it seems to me we live in a form of hell … I know I did.

I’ve gone to church for most of my life, which means there were ample opportunities to give my time, energy, and/or money to make the world a better place.  Yet, while I was stuck in the first way of thinking, I had NO desire to do so, and when I pushed through and chose to do good works anyway, it was far from joyous.  One could say: Negativity, of any sort, leads to negative results.


One of the keys in my transformation toward Love and Light was my time at Valley Bible Fellowship (VBF) in Las Vegas from 2005 to 2008.  After going to this church for over a year, one day it occurred to me that every week they said with passion, joy, and inner-Light the same thing: GOD LOVES YOU!  A LOT!  Period. No matter what!  So why not join the blissful Flow of reality by loving God, people, and creation?  It’s AMAZING!!

Week after week they’d talk about going to bars, homeless shelters, porn conventions, and other places one wouldn’t expect to find Christians, just to care for, give to, and listen to people, while letting them know the Creator of the universe is wildly in love with them.  As they told these stories of kindness, time and again I could tell they were beautifully lit up from the inside out.  Their joy was palpable.

As my heart awakened to and accepted the Truth I’m deeply and fully loved by Spirit exactly as I am, something magical happened.  Caring for people, giving my energies/efforts/moneys to benefit others, and going out of my way to brighten someone’s day was no longer a burden or a struggle, it became easy and natural. Really and truly the more I surrender to the beautiful, loving energy of Christ, which names me and everyone else masterpieces from and conduits of heaven as an inborn gift from God, the kinder, more caring, and more compassionate I become.

Honestly, I’m not any better or worse than anyone else, what I’m describing is an energy bigger than and beyond myself.  The Flow of reality is Love, the giving of oneself for universal thriving and flourishing, and when we enter the Flow, Jesus-like loving-kindness becomes evermore effortless.


No need to take my word on this, I wholeheartedly invite you to try it out for yourself.  I share some of my story in hopes of giving you a taste and a hint of the beyond words incredible life I realized was in me and around me all the time once I joined the Divine Dance of Love.  Giving and receiving selfless service, encouragement, affirmation, compassion, and so on, is to experience heaven on earth.

Love doesn’t ask you to change, it changes you.  When I was younger, I thought I needed to beand dosomething different to be loved, valued, and accepted.  Yet, not only did this mentality NOT change me, it blocked the Divine Flow of Love that was already in me and all around me.  The more I surrender to the Truth of being immensely loved and extravagantly favored exactly as I am, the more amazing (on all levels) I become, because Love is changing me from the inside out.  I bet the same would be True for you too!


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Grace and peace,