Life is a marvelously messy tapestry of threads formed by—not only—all the people, plants, animals, and rest of material reality; but also, by our thoughts, words, and deeds. Shaming, judgmentalism, holding oneself as “better than,” living from fear, cutting words, self-centeredness, an “us versus them” mentality, violence, defensiveness, seeking to “win,” and inner-criticism—for example—all tear at, mar, and discolor the beauty of our life-together. While the temptation toward these negative energies is real, and we all fall prey from time-to-time: We are born to weave light, life, laughter, and love into the work of art we get the privilege and joy of helping create together.

To aid with this, I live from the motto: Love Al(l)ways. I even have a tattoo reminder of it on my heart! It’s a call to love always, and all ways. It prompts me to pause, take a breath, observe, listen, and do my best to love with the “thread” that best fits the section of the “tapestry” I happen to be in. Love starts by choosing to delight in ourselves, others, and the Miracle Behind It All, which then opens our hearts to want to give in a way that manifests mutual flourishing. Whether the gift of love we give is small or large, doesn’t matter. A simple word of kindness, encouraging hug, genuine smile, or compassionate look, all ripple through the “threads” of those around us, creating an ongoing tide of kindness.

Love is like a wave, in that when we get caught up in it, it just carries us along from kind word, to compassionate act, to tender thought—pulling others in along with us for the ride of our lives. Who wants to ride it with me?

Hugs & Love,


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