Listen to your body it’s wise!  The other night it wasn’t bed time yet, but my wife and I felt unusually tired so we went to sleep early, and woke up for work feeling great.  My calf tightened up on a run last week, and this message from my body has helped me see the many ways I tend to push too much and over do things.  Not long ago I went to a yoga class and while my mind wanted to do a vigorous and hard practice, the instructor guided us through a gentler, more opening flow, which, had I been listening beforehand, is EXACTLY what my body wanted and needed.

There are countless stories of women and men avoiding trauma or even death by trusting their gut, that subtle sense something isn’t quite right.  Personally, when it comes to big decisions like degrees, jobs, and partners I can see a pattern of my body being wiser than my brain, in that the best choices were marked by a felt peace.

With this in mind, today I invite us to practice trusting and listening to our bodies.  Let’s jump when joy lifts us, cry when sorrows touch us, dance when delight moves us, sigh out our stresses, howl through frustrations, hug those we feel a connection with, and so on.


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Grace and peace,