Music has a magical way of transforming us.  In many ways musicians are modern day prophets, telling us life-changing Truths disguised by a catchy hook.  We recently saw Jason Mraz in concert, and time and time again I found myself thinking: “Wow!  If, or when, we do what he’s saying things will be AMAZING.”  So, here a few life lessons, plus links to songs, from Jason Mraz!

Jason’s album from 2012 was titled “Love is a Four Letter Word,” pretty clever and cool don’t you think?  At the concert, he really brought out what a game-changer this concept is.  Think about one of our culture’s big 4-letter words, the F-word.  While it canhave a positive connotation, it generally communicates an adversarial vibe.  Jason gave a few examples of how switching from the F-word to the L-word is simultaneously hilarious and life giving.  Riffing off of his musings I ask: What if we started calling people who frustrate us “mother-lovers”, we told people who pissed us off “LOVE you” or “go LOVE yourself”, we named a person who hurt us a “love wad”, when we got frustrated we exclaimed “love me”, and when we’re at our wits’ end we proclaimed “for Love’s sake”?

As my wife, Lisa, and I sat watching the Seahawks’ season opening football game, we tried this switch out with wonderful affects.  I don’t know about you, but when I bring to mind things that could lead me to say and/or think the usual F-bomb phrase, but replace it with the L-volcano, my entire disposition and mentality changes positively.  Try it out!


One of the biggest problems in the U.S. (at least) is loneliness.  The statistics on how many people feel alone are staggering.  Jason Mraz’s song “Unlonely” gets at the heart of what it means to be alive and thrive: Connection, Companionship, and Community.  The song’s message is so powerful it fills my eyes with a weird watery substance. 🙂 You can listen to it here:  In short, the song tells anyone who is lonely or isolated that those of us with fuller love-tanks will connect with her/him in whatever way works for them, whether it’s being homies or taking things slowly.  Isn’t that fantastic and SO needed?

Even though it’s a new song, I honestly don’t think I’m being hasty in naming it one of my all time favorite tunes; I’m talking about “Have It All”.  You may have heard this jam rocking the airwaves on the radio, but if you haven’t or want to hear it again, here you go: song is a heartfelt blessing for all beautiful beings everywhere to be filled with joy, experience oodles of love, lead with love, be a huge success at life, and to feel valued and treasured.

I don’t think “Have It All” is just some pie in the sky wish, though.  Instead, I believe it’s a call for us to care for each other, to pour our energies and efforts into one other so we can all thrive and flourish.  Jason’s song reminds us life is NOT defined by possessions or wealth, as those pale in comparison to connection, companionship, and community.

While, as I alluded to above, there are SO many transformative songs in Mr. Mraz’s catalog, I’ll wrap this up with one more.  “Love is Still the Answer” brings us back to what life is all about, as I’m convinced the answer to most of Life’s big questions is “Love”.  You can enjoy this tune here:


I’m a passionate Christ follower and joyful God worshiper, and taking my lead from Jesus, I am convinced God is Love, the flow of the Universe is Love, and the point of life is learning to love. With that in mind, I define love as the giving of oneself for thriving and flourishing.  That said, I bless you and leave you with the opening lines from Jason’s song:

The question is why, why are we here?

To say our hello’s and goodbye’s and then disappear

This beautiful life, what is it for?

To learn to master peace or master war

There’s only one answer that matters

Even if your heart has been shattered

Whatever you want, whatever you are after

Love is still the answer.


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Grace and peace,