With a wink and a smile, I offer this: Life is like kayaking, enjoy the journey. Why? Glad you asked! 😉 On a glorious spring morning, my wife and I paddled out onto the Hood Canal. As the sun smiled on us, we could see the Olympic mountains peering down on mirrorlike waters. With peace hanging in the air around us, it seemed to me the water was like reflective syrup. Yet, I’m getting ahead of myself.

A few minutes into our adventure, I could feel my jaw clenching in frustration. You know how each paddle stroke also turns you? This makes it both hard to go straight, or turn to the direction you want to go without making lots of corrections. You take 3 strokes to turn, only to realize you’ve spun a bit too far, so pull twice the other way, and on it goes. Silly as it was, that was aggravating me. As I became curious about my response, it came to me that: Life is like kayaking—full of course corrections, overcorrections, beauty, twists, turns, tidal pulls, lessons, and opportunities—enjoy the journey, because when we don’t accept and go with life’s twisty nature, we suffer. Know what I mean?

Once I settled in, breathed, and decided to lean into the “3 steps forward, 2 steps back” nature of kayaking, not only did my stress melt away, I was able to drink in the beauty painted on every horizon, calm hovering over the waters, sense of wellness in the sunshine, and invisible threads of love all around. And isn’t that how life works too? When we welcome each moment, day, and person (ourselves included) we meet exactly as is, awe, gratitude, peace, wholeness, and love become our ever-present companions. In the messiness is where the magic happens! 

Hugs & Love,


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