This year, a major theme in my life has been: Letting go to let Love in. Turns out, there were things I was clinging to or striving for, which were “unplugging” me from life-giving love—filling me with insecurity, worry, stress, and anxiety. Deciding, in varying ways, to “let go”, has not only been massively freeing, it’s filled me with more love for myself, others, and God than ever before! Time-and-again when I’ve released something I held tightly to, that new space has been filled with love, and its cousins. For instance:

Letting go of a relationship I’d been clinging to, brought profound peace to my troubled soul.

Letting go of my identity as a “runner” made cardio workouts fun again.

Releasing the desire for my book to be a commercial success, allowed me to feel blessed it touched a few people’s lives.

Dropping the impulse to compare my ­­­­­­­_______ to that of others, freed me to love others and myself just as we are.

Ceasing my years-long obsessive pursuit of getting into handstand consistently, is allowing me to finally love my body as it is … this one is still in progress. 🙂

Backing off my super high expectations of myself, has created a marvelous sense of ease within me, and cultivated greater levels of kindness, understanding, and compassion.

Letting go of who I thought my teenage kid “should” be, is giving them the space to be a gifted sailor, brilliant artist, passionate animal lover, and all-around uniquely amazing!

Freeing Lisa, and myself, from the massive “backpack” of expectations, hurts, storylines, and “shoulds” I’ve carried from previous seasons and relationships, has led to new levels of contentment and delight, both individually and as husband and wife.

In retrospect, I’m realizing that on a deep level the ego part of me, for which NOTHING is ever good enough, disliked me … which led me to hate me. Can you relate? While our driven side is good and important—it’s what gets stuff done and pushes us to grow and transform—it should never drive our lives, sense of worth, or feeling of belonging. That’s Divine Love’s job, and letting go is allowing it to lead to amazing places!

Hugs & Love,


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