For years I was distant and disconnected from my family, and myself. Yet, my mom and sister kept pursuing me with kindness—truly wondering how I was doing, caring for me in my hurts, and wholeheartedly desiring the best for me. Kindness, it turns out, was not only the key to unlocking my once frozen heart, but also the spirit that took my life from “okay” to “WOW!”. So, what is this magical thing that transformed my heart and changed my life?

Kindness is the gracious energy of love, in that it gives, moves towards, forgives, and enlivens. It’s a gift for flourishing, without expectation of response or return! Whether it’s a word of encouragement, helping hand, caring hug, moment of compassionate hearing, or _____, kindness leaves both the recipient and giver better than they were before! What stops us from giving this precious present not only to others, but also ourselves, though?

While we’re wired for kindness (think of how quickly we rally to help when tragedy strikes), a million things block us from it. Stress, worries, anxiety, the list goes on. Know what I mean? The great news is we can change the plot, and “rewire” ourselves for compassion and generosity of spirit. I believe if 2020 had a lesson for us, it’s that we could all use some more kindness. With that in mind, you’re invited to join our 21-day Kindness Kickstarter—where (from August 11-31) we do our best to do 5 simple things each day to increase kindness—because, as we say in Blissology, Kindness = Happiness!

1. Something kind for yourself

2. 5-minute mindfulness practice

3. Name & savor 3 things you’re grateful for

4. Something kind for others

5. Message someone who inspires you

Pop over to to  get further details & examples, sign-up, & join a FB group!

Hugs & Love,