If anyone asked me for voting advice, I’d say vote humans not robots. Seriously! You know The TerminatorThe Matrix, and other movies where the machines take over? Great entertainment, but scary reality, right? The bad news, though, is in many ways they clandestinely already have! Think about it: Why do the news and social media bombard us with fear, vitriol, division, anger, and violence? Because it’s what gets the most “likes”, views, comments, and clicks. Why? We’re biologically wired to fear difference (for survival), and gaze upon boldness (for reproduction). Knowing this, computer algorithms direct programs, producers, etc. to emphasize “shouting and shooting”. The machines were designed to value money over humanity, and that’s where the money is! AND, the fabulous news is we can stop the craziness!

While robots don’t have free will, the beauty of being human is we can ALWAYS grow, make better choices, and forge a more loving future. The “us” vs. “them” warfare, friend, is NOT our fate. We can opt out of the matrix and choose understanding, unity, togetherness, compassion, curiosity, care, and (above all) LOVE. Unity isn’t a singular color, it’s a rainbow of diversity dancing together. While it’s certainly difficult, angsty, and unsettling to be with difference because of biology, WE can do hard things because we came from LOVE.

So, let’s get practical. What can we DO to kill the robot revolution with kindness? 1) Cultivate respectful relationships with people on the “other” side. Truly, this is like working out, in that you can’t go from zero to marathon. It takes time to build resilience—so, push your edge, but also be mindful and only go as far as your “muscles” are ready and recover as necessary.

2) Cut back on, or cease, any news show that polarizes, raises anxiety, and/or induces fear. I literally don’t watch or listen to the news, but stay informed by scanning through the newspaper, and am SO much calmer for it!

3) “Read” the different sides. Find voices from differing perspectives and, with an open mind, listen to what they have to say. None are 100% right/wrong.

4) Pause before speaking/engaging and ask, “Am I emotionally charged?” When “yes”, take a timeout until you return to an even keel. This is one of the most valuable things I learned in therapy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve messed this up to the hurt of others and myself, AND how helpful it’s been when I heed this wisdom!

5) Be kind.

6) Be curious. Treat others, and yourself, like you’re on a first date. Explore, with honest interest, what makes others tick. Investigate “why” you respond, react, and/or believe that way.

7) Choose Love. There’s an incredible passage in Romans 8 that describes how NOTHING can separate us from the Love of God. I believe all Love flows from the Divine, which means not a thing can stand between people when Love is their language. As my friend Eoin Finn says: “Love transcends all distance.”

I pray my thoughts on short-circuiting the power of polarization with kindness blesses you! Let me end by harkening back to the “Just Say No to Drugs” movement, by saying: Just say no to division, fear mongering, and violence (in all its forms). Say YES to unity, peace, and Love!

Hugs & Love,


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