How are you doing in these dark times? I feel deeply the heaviness, sorrow, and angst of this season, and often want to just stay in bed. Know what I mean? That’s why I believe it’s SO important than ever to remind you: YOU are FABULOUS! Just the fact you’ve made it through 8+ months of the world going on a drunken bender alone is a testament to your courage, perseverance, and all-around inner-magicalness!

My birthday is coming up and we have plans for a fun getaway, which will either be quite limited or cancelled. Yet, as I told a friend: Regardless what happens, I know it’ll be fantastic because it will be together! Truly sorrows shared are much lessened, and joys together are greatly amplified.

After the hiking accident that should have killed me in 2008 and 2 months in the ICU, I remember having to relearn to eat, walk, emote, and many other things. What not only got me through this “difficult” season, but also grew the light inside me during this time was people. Life is a team sport, and the care, encouragement, and Love of others turns disasters into adventures, brings calm during storms, and shines light in the dark. Kindness isn’t hard, so here’s to being the reason someone smiles today. CHEERS TO YOU!!! 🙌🏽🍻💗🤸🏻‍♀️🥳💙

Love & Hugs,


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