Hug yourself from the inside out! I had a pouting, “woe is me” moment the other night. Do you have those too? In debriefing it later with my wife, I realized all I really wanted was a “hug”, as in an embrace of myself exactly as I was. This was still on my mind while I took a spin class on our Peleton from Jess King, so when she said “hug yourself from the inside out”, as a cue for engaging your core and loving yourself at the same time, it was as if she’d looked into my soul and spoken exactly what I needed to know.

If you know me, odds are you know I think hugs are one of the absolute best things ever. The more we hug one another, the better everything gets! And, as magical and necessary as loving embraces from others are, the one person who is ALWAYS there to comfort, uplift, and love you is yourself! Know what I mean? After all, the Creator of all things made us to be fellow creators, not victims, which means we’re key participants in our own flourishing.

Honestly, when I’m grumpy, unkind, impatient, judgmental, and such, the #1 reason is because I’m NOT loving myself and life. Yet, when I do, it’s like I’m levitating. So, here’s to hugging ourselves into greater freedom and love!

Hugs & Love,


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