Oh, the stories I could tell about how gorgeously geeky I was in high school! For instance, when we learned about the Know Nothing Party in U.S. History, I immediately adopted this obscure 19th century political party as my own. I’d jokingly tell friends I was a fellow Know-Nothing! 🤣 Still, there’s something about that name that resonates, as I hear it invite us to humble simplicity. I’d even say, the more I live, the more I find LIFE in simple living! So, I wanted to share 5 good gifts adopting simplicity has blessed me with:

First though, what is simple living? For me, simple living is not caring about possessions, detaching from the blackhole-like pull of money, holding my thoughts and views loosely, thinking less to be/listen more, and really focusing on and giving my all to the few things that matter most in life. And now 5 blessings this brings!

Freedom from pressure & control. In yoga we practice withdrawing our senses and softly settling our gaze on one place. Simplicity is that in life, as we both tune out the overabundance of white noise that threatens to overwhelm us into a state of anxiety and/or numbing behaviors, and the many sirens’ calls seeking to woo our allegiance with promises of “prosperity”. As Richard Rohr says: “When we agree to live simply, we put ourselves outside of others’ ability to buy us off, reward us falsely, or control us by money, status, salary, punishment, and loss or gain of anything.”

Freedom to a bigger life. Contrary to what I long believed, being better, smarter, higher, and righter than others are my ego’s tricks to smallness! While it urges me to acquire, compare, and defend on all levels, I’ve found living out a saying we have in Blissology leads to a much bigger life: “Nothing to gain, everything to share!” It’s the difference between constantly juggling 12 balls vs. sharing all of them with friends.

Freedom from the tyranny of our thoughts. I’m convinced the most addictive substance in the world is our thoughts! Who doesn’t love his/her take on things? Look at how tightly, fiercely, and loudly we cling to our views and opinions. The political and racial shouting matches in the U.S. are reflections of what’s inside us. I’ve noticed the quieter my mind is, the more LIFE I hear and receive on a soul-level—more than a lifetime of books and talks!

Freedom to Love. My brain likes to weave a complex tapestry of plans, comparisons, judgments, arguments, worries, and regrets, leaving me spinning. But my heart sees simply. Dropping from head to heart allows me to see the essential sameness in us all, while putting me into the Flow of Lovingkindness.

Freedom to focus on essentials. Choosing to live simply allows me to concentrate on the few things I think matter most in life: Connecting with, caring for, and celebrating God, others, and life! Time is NOT money, it’s life itself—a gift which, when given away, is amplified for EVERYONE!

What are your thoughts and experiences on living simply?

Hugs & Love,