This log, and a stranger, reminded me life is a team sport. Lisa and I were partway into a hike when we came to this stream. Skeptically, I gazed at it thinking: I don’t think I have the balance to walk across this without falling into the water and getting hurt. As I doubtfully looked back at my love, another couple walked up with a dog on the opposite side. They waved us on, so giving it my best shot, I got maybe 2 steps before knowing there was a 99% chance I’d fall.

Urging the couple to go ahead, I turned back to Lisa convinced we’d have to turn around. With the magic of Gandalf—using a “staff “ (in the form of a branch) he put through the water to keep his balance—the guy made it across pretty easily. With a smile, he handed the branch to me. Ironically, as he basically told us “crossing it with help is the only way to go”, the lady with him was slowly inching across the treacherous log on hands and knees because he’d forgotten to help her!

Taking turns using the branch-staff, Lisa and I made it across and got to enjoy the rest of a beautiful hike. As we strolled, I reflected on how relying on me, myself, and I, I wouldn’t have made it across. It took the help and ideas of others. I can’t tell you how often doing “it” on my own either leads to it not happening or makes it take WAY longer than it would with help. Know what I mean? Despite what we’re often “told”, asking for, needing, and receiving help isn’t weakness, it is strength! We rise together, not alone.

How often do we seethe with frustration and such on the inside because we don’t ask for help? Whether it’s from people, a tool/aid, or YouTube video, life done together is life done better. I’ve found the more me-centric my efforts, ideas, plans, words, etc. are, the smaller and harder my life becomes. Conversely, the more we-centered “my” mentality and doings are, the bigger and more beautiful life becomes, as together we flourish! Life is truly a team sport. Can you relate?

Hugs & Love,


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