Good is enough … and so are YOU! In middle school I yearned to be a championship winning NBA player. In high school I planned to win a Nobel Prize. In college I intended to be rich. In the air force I worked to make a name for myself. In trying to be a pastor, I aimed to preach to thousands. I share these because: I thought I needed to be great to be a “success”, until I realized good is more than enough!

Do you know that “voice” telling us to “go big or go home”, so to speak? The one that says if your social media posts, parties, position at work, possessions, trips, etc. aren’t big, bold, and/or better than others, you’re losing at life? While there’s nothing wrong with throwing a bodacious party or having a fabulous house, the degree to which we believe greatness is required to be valuable, belong, or be loved, is the degree to which we suffer. Whether this pull comes from our egos, culture, media, and/or our circles, I think it’s like the proverbial devil on our shoulders.

The “angel”, meanwhile, reminds us: Good is the new great, because, not only do our actions/inactions NOT define us, over time our ordinary, everyday bits of goodness add up to make a mountain of difference. Whether it is cooking dinner, speaking kindness, giving a hug, changing diapers, texting encouragement, completing a project on-time, cleaning, or ______, every small spark of goodness we gift tilts the world toward heaven. Everyday acts of love matter as much as Mother Teresa stuff. YOU are fabulous, and I pray this reminds you how life-changing your everyday acts of goodness are!

Hugs & Love,


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