One of my earlier memories is from a dirt clog fight with friends in Kanas.  Picture a snowball melee with dried clumps of dirt.  In our childhood enthusiasm, one of my friends pegged me in the face … with a rock hidden at the center of the soil.  Ouch!  While the girl I had a crush on guided me back to my parents’ apartment, as I staunched my wound with a hand, I remember being super proud of not crying, screaming, or whimpering.  Even though I had to go to the ER for stitches, I shoved the messages and energy in my body down, because that’s what “evolved” people are supposed to do.

I share this because I’ve since come to realize how unhealthy it was to disconnect from my body, severe my emotions, and not listen to my heart.  We’re made and meant to wail, howl, sigh, shout, cry rivers, moan, shake our fists, bury our heads, and express our inner realities outwardly in many other healthy ways.  The thing is, feelings and energies inside us we don’t express and allow to move, will come back to bite us via vehicles like depression, lethargy, illness, and such.  Our little dog Biscuits is SO much more emotionally intelligent than me because she instantly shakes out her frustrations, barks her excitements, and purrs her contentment.

One of my yoga teachers, Meghan Currie, said tears are like pee from our eyeballs, so when you gotta “go”, you should go!  I believe the same applies to wailing with grief, shouting with rage, moaning with pleasure, and so on.  Yoga is a practice of unity and oneness, which doesn’t require a mat or a pose.  It’s harmonizing and integrating our mind, body, and spirit.  It’s honoring the intelligence of our animal bodies and wisdom of our emotional hearts.  So, today I invite us to practice hearing, honoring, and healthily expressing the feelings and energies inside of us.


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