Stressed by “life”, when I went to shower the other day, I saw the incredible Lisa had written me this love letter on our mirror! Her encouraging and uplifting words filled my heart with sunshine I was then able to share with others.

What gets in the way of you being as kind and amazing as you know you can be? Stress? Fear? Anxiety? Busyness? Long to-do lists? One of my biggest roadblocks is insecurity. My second divorce, among other things, leveled my self-confidence like a bulldozer. Whether it’s a mental health condition, the impact of trauma, daily stressors, and/or ______ we all carry burdens. While we are made to radiate love, feel peace, embody compassion, and breathe joy, these burdens are like kinks in the hose blocking the flow of these divine energies.

The question is: How do we loosen the “kinks” stressors, anxieties, insecurities, and such induce, in order to regularly be our best selves? Yoga is the best tool for this I’ve found. Something magical happens when we blend exercise with mindfulness, self-study, encouragement, breathing, and connecting to something beyond ourselves. Mindful movement (which can take many forms) unkinks our hoses, so to speak, and allows wellness, kindness, calm, confidence, clarity, and compassion to flow richly and easily through us. It doesn’t have to be anything long or fancy, just a few minutes of deep breaths and moving the body goes a long way! Truly, greater wellness is never farther than a mindful breath away!

For anyone interested in practicing yoga online with me, here’s a link that will get you $7 off (you can find my schedule in my profile):

Hugs & Love,


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