While the types of seeds, nutrients, and protections we put in a garden determine the fruits, veggies, and flowers it will grow; the thoughts, mentalities, and beliefs we cultivate in our minds shape who we become. For instance, while decades of valuing winning made me quite competitive, sometimes in unkind ways, years of championing unity is making me less competitive, more cooperative, and kinder. In many ways, we literally become our thinking!

Although this can seem troubling, the good news is: YOU have the ability to weed unkindness, burn selfishness, plant wholeness, water peace, grow love, and so on in your beautiful brain. A helpful way to practice this is by holding a thought, belief, or mentality at a “distance” and asking yourself, “is this making me the amazing, loving, wholehearted person I’m meant to be or not?” Then, keep what aids, let go of what detracts, and over time you’ll see yourself progressively grow into greater wellbeing. I believe in you!

Hugs & Love,


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