For as long as I can remember I’ve been a hopeful romantic. When I played with my Star Wars or G.I. Joe figures, I would almost always pair my lead character with a girlfriend or wife. All my favorite fantasy or sci-fi books, movies, and shows featured true love of some sort. I’ve literally told my life story using the ladies I’ve dated, or been married to, to mark each chapter! Looking back, I can see how when I went into a relationship from a space of lack, worry, fear, insecurity, and the like, things were definitely not as good as they could have been. Yet, entering from a place of inner peace has consistently been a blessing.

Peace. What’s your relationship with it? Whether it’s in a romantic relationship, conversation, or major life decision, I’ve experienced peace as the path to flourishing and fullness. If my spirit was a dog, calm would be the scent it wisely wants to follow every time! Likewise, beginning projects, dialogues, and tasks from a place of inner-peace is like gambling with dice loaded for goodness. Over-and-over life has shown me Peace is the Path, so I’m choosing to follow it. Anyone want to join me?

Hugs & Love,


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