Do you ever stop and check in with yourself?  You know, a slow down for a moment, take a few deep breaths, and pause to notice what’s going on inside type of deal.  In doing that this week I realized my heart was sobbing and my eyes wanted to water my face … but my soul was glad.  You see the heavy energies of cancer, relationship turmoil, and deep-seeded insecurities have entered my circles, which naturally flloods me with profound grief.  Yet, I’m also convinced in my bones ALL is fundamentally well and EVERYthing will be fantastic!  So, my sorrows float on a sea of joy.

I used to think the yogic practice of non-attachment, Aparigraha, was cold and heartless because it invites us to NOT be attached to others … even those close to us.  I thought it meant to always view life from a big picture perspective.  But, in checking in with myself, something clicked, and I realized non-attachment means to simultaneously be both totally free from life’s struggles and storms, AND having the freedom to choose to dive deeply into them.  Aparigraha, it seems to me, is feeling ALL the things with a joyous spirit and content heart.

You know how “part” of us can observe our thoughts, notice our sensations, and name our emotions?  This unaffected observer, I believe, is our True Self.  The upshot of this is it’s like we’re both Romeo (or Juliet) AND the viewer who knows after the tragedy concludes, she/he gets to go home to blissful people and experiences.  Yoga doesn’t call for detachment, it invites us to start with the Big Picture (all is well), so we can freely decide to joyously dive into the mess with quiet confidence.  What do you think?  How does non-attachment meaning feeling ALL the things with a joyous spirit and content heart resonate with and apply to you today?


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