Sometimes I feel haunted by my past.  I keep replaying the tapes of my struggles, weaknesses, and losses … which, ironically, frequently dooms me to repeat them.  For example, after I got remarried again following my first divorce, when something Carla did reminded me of when my first marriage went south, I’d get a bit desperate and ask her with a tear and a tremble, “are you going to leave me too?”  I bet you can guess what eventually happened … she did.

While there was more to it than my past haunting me, like her past doing likewise and more, what I’m getting at is it’s easy for us to get stuck in ruts.  The default setting of our inner mental tapes and outer actions is repeat.  This is where the gift of each day comes into play.  Each morning brings us a gift, a chance to start over, an opportunity to begin again.  Everyday we can write new stories and create new tapes in our minds.  What negative, self-defeating, or shaming names and narratives do you play over and over in your head?

After my second divorce I was stuck on thinking I was unloved and unloveable.  Once I realized this, and was blessed with the tools to do something about it, first thing every morning for years I breathed the mantra “I am beloved” over and over again.  Every day is a gift wherein we get to start anew and tell a bigger, better, and more beautiful story.  So, today lets begin exorcising our ghosts by changing an old, negative tragedy into a new, positive triumph!


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