I wanted to play some music while I put groceries away the other day.  So, told our Echo: “Alexa, play music from  … err … umm” I stumbled as my mind went blank.  Helpfully, she said “I think you might like songs by Imagine Dragons” (#truth), so started playing them.  As one of my favorite songs, “Machine”, played I was especially struck by the relevance of the its message.  The singer rails against the fable we’ve all been told, that “looks, luck, [and] money” are what matters in life.  He defiantly proclaims he’s “NOT for sale”, part of society’s machine, or afraid of being rejected for not conforming to other people’s expectations, because, in his words, “I AM the machine”.  Such a poignant and powerful mentality.

Now, don’t get me wrong, while I’m 100% convinced life is a team sport and the point of this all is to love and care for each other, which requires us moving toward one another in kindness and understanding.  I also think it’s vitally important for us to be fully and freely our uniquely, weirdly, beautiful selves.  I’m a bit OCD, often share “too much”, and sometimes struggle with seeking the approval of others, so I personally LOVE Imagine Dragons’ message and hope you do too!

With this in mind, today I invite us to embrace and celebrate our own uniquely, weirdly, beautiful selves!  While society and other people’s rules for what makes you and I a winner at life are fleeting and passing, the Law of Love is enduring and simply invites you to be the one and only you, because we’re already champions in Love’s eyes!


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Grace and peace,