As my body gets older, some things don’t work like they used to.  Remember the movie “Failure to Launch”?  You know how after things go poorly in a given endeavor a couple of times, it’s super easy to get in your head about it?  Thought bubbles of doubt, insecurity, worry, and the like flood our minds, so much they become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Our negative thoughts have a tendency to become negative realities.

In sports, the great athletes are able to forget the past, in that after flubbing plays, they don’t let anxious notions of repeating the mistake cloud their thinking.  You know how the broadcast crews for sports events have a commentator?  A person who observes what happens and comments on why things went well or poorly?  YOU are the commentator.  You HAVE thoughts, cares, worries, and such, but you are NOT your thought bubbles, you’re the one able to observe and comment on them.

The animal part of us is wired for survival, so like the Dark Side of the Force, negativity is an easy path to follow.  YET, being human also means we’re conscious and able to choose bliss.  In the same way that when we tell bad stories in our heads, our lives become dramas for our momma, when we tell joyful tales in our minds, our realities become blissful.  With this in mind, today I invite us to practice telling a good story about ourselves in our heads.


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