I’ve been a runner for nearly 30 years.  And for as long as I can remember, I’ve measured my success by numbers, going far and fast.  As an enthusiast, my natural bias is to do ALL the things quickly.  That’s why Lisa, Lara, and I’s weekends generally get packed full of goodness.  Recently, though, Spirit has been speaking to me through a variety of sources with a message one of my favorite yoga teachers, Janet Stone, sums up well: “Don’t just DO something, SIT there.

For instance, whereas I typically run as hard as I can at the end of runs, lately I’ve really been enjoying purposefully going slower.  What’s more, in the midst of a frenetic season of life, marked by lots of overtime, buying a home, moving, selling a house, and more, Lisa’s been sharing with me the vital importance of taking more time to just breath and be.

I share this because I think my predisposition mirrors what America preaches: Bigger, better, and faster is the path to bliss.  Honestly, some form of burnout is much more likely.  You see, in life, the faster we go, the less we see and savor.  We’re far more likely to witness the sights and enjoy the moments when we sit, stand, or walk, literally and metaphorically.

Pausing, resting, enjoying, savoring, and chilling are essential rhythms for the magical lives we’re intended to lead.  Our doings and efforts are way more effective when we also purposefully take time to just breath and be, because pausing and slowing down allows us to move from a more centered, calm, and grounded space.  So, today I invite us to practice taking moments to pause, savor, see, center, and be.


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Grace and peace,