Words, titles, and labels cannot define you. YOU are SO much MORE than male, female, black, white, Democrat, Republican, or whatever else describes you! As Thomas Keating says in his poem “Stillness”:

Our true nature is stillness,

The Source from which we come.

All words disappear into It,

And all creation awakens to the delight of Just Being.

I’ve been thinking about my relationship with and the effects of rushing in contrast to slowing. What I realized is there’s a connection between rushing, stillness, and enoughness. When I don’t feel like I’m enough, my thoughts and actions become hurried and chaotic; and the reverse is true too. Relaxing into inner stillness, though, is like soaking in a honeyed hot tub of harmony and wholeness! Softening our minds and practicing stillness is to open up the entirety of our being to an intimate, richly life-giving encounter with the Spirit of Reality. It’s aligning ourselves with the Truth, waking up to our enoughness, and plugging our hearts into the Source of Life and Love.

Inside each of us, in the “silence” beneath our wordy thoughts, the music of life is perpetually playing and inviting us to listen, sing along, and join the party. So, here’s to “Dancing Standing Still”, as Richard Rohr puts it in a book title!

Hugs & Love,