Even though the Seahawks literally lost to the 49ers in a heartbreaking manner, as we left the game, I told Lisa I felt like we won.  In the purity of that moment, I believe my heart was speaking from a bigger and more True place.  And, while it’s my jam, I’m not talking about merely positivity, but reality.  You see: How we think about life is how we experience life, what we seek is what we find, and what we ask for is what we get, because, as Jesus taught us, the kingdom of heaven is WITHIN you!

Our inner dispositions and beliefs form the filter through which we see, receive, and engage the world.  While “hurt people” hurt people, “healed people” heal people.  Whereas “victims” live in Victimland, “courageous risers” ascend to blissful heights.  I bet you’ve seen how spirits of accusation, gossip, scarcity, and division bring realities of fear, anxiety, lack, and sadness.  On the other hand, though, mentalities of compassion, understanding, abundance, and unity breed lives of kindness, joy, peace, and Love.  While bad things happen to everyone, what we do with it is 100% up to us!

Saint Paul talks about finding joyousness in all situations, and the yogic path encourages us to journey toward continual radical contentment (named “Santosha“).  As I practice cultivating these mentalities within me, I ask: What heavenly thoughts do you want to cultivate to create heavenly realities?


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