I once said “the music in heaven will be all Dave Matthews Band, all the time” … at church … to hundreds of people.  I mention that to express how much I LOVE the band.  Dave’s music moves me so deeply I have a tattoo of his lyrics that speak a poignant Truth: “Could I have been anyone other than me?”  I got this at a hard time in life to remind me trying to be anyone other than me only leads to suffering, and all my quirkiness is marvelous … and the same is True for YOU!
This leads me to a real game-changer from Aristotle, the importance of accidentals versus essentials.  These philosophical categories get at what’s by chance or of secondary importance, as opposed to what’s necessary and of greatest importance.  For instance, I’m accidentally male, white, heterosexual, American, and tall, in that all these were by chance, and aren’t the essence of Lang.  I’d also say my disabilities, divorces, where I live, and occupation are accidentals, because they don’t define me, and pale in comparison to what life is truly about.  So, let me ask: What are the essentials?
While I can’t give a definitive answer, and think there’s some variation from uniquely magnificent person to person, my experience shows the fewer the essentials the bigger and more blissful and beautiful life becomes.  I believe YOU, and everyone else, are essentially a masterpiece, perfect, a child of the Divine who is home to Spirit, part of the all-inclusive human family, and are a conduit for and expression of Love.  Today, I invite us to practice living and loving more from the essentials, because not only does the movement from accidentals to essentials bring greater wholeness and contentment, it increases care, compassion, and unity, as we awaken to the Truth we’re ALL essentially the same!


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