What is Christmas to you?

While we talk about “the meaning of Christmas”, it occurs to me Christmas gifts meaning, in that:

To me, it’s celebrating that something more Beautiful, Loving, and True can be born here and now.

Christmas reminds us Divine goodness can flood our lives and reality.

It’s an invitation to rejoice that our deepest dreams and most foundational hopes for a life lived well can come true.

Christ’s Mass is the unending, unconditional, universal reminder you and I and everyone is loved without measure, belongs just as we are, and is infinitely valued.

It’s the Creator of All Things loving us SO much, the Divine became a human to be withfor, and among us, frailties and all!

Christmas is the heavenly proclamation that Love Wins, Light Outshines Dark, and Life is Beautiful.

While these may seem too good to be true, I find when I echo mother Mary’s consent to Spirit, they simply are.

Sure, there’s much wrong in the world, and this is not to overlook that—it is to trust that the fundamental nature of existence is good, pro-you, and for flourishing together. Christmas gifts us with the reminders: Reality is Relational and Life is Love. Merry Christmas!

Hugs & Love,


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