Five years ago my New Years Resolution was to become vegan, and I’ve never felt better in my body.  It was a mindful choice I made to get my practices to better align with my beliefs.  I share this because in my experience, the more mindful we become in our doings, the more vibrantly whole, happy, and alive we become.  Recently, one of my favorite teachers, Janet Stone, wrote about “digestion” as something we’re constantly doing physically, mentally, and spiritually, asking: “What are nutrients and what is waste?”  I’d say, we are what we “eat” on all levels.  The shows we watch, podcasts we hear, social media threads we follow, relationships we cultivate, thoughts we ruminate on, music we listen to, food we eat, and so on, all form and shape who we are.

A prominent way this showed up in my life was in a decade long addiction to porn.  Not only did the images I took in lead me to objectify women and myself, it twisted the glorious bliss of sex and romantic intimacy into something shameful.  In the same way my body feels more joyous from shifting to a clean-eating, vegan diet, ten years of freedom from porn, replaced by positivity, has my spirit singing like Ed Sheeran!

Whether it’s what we eat, drink, watch, or listen to, or who we spend time with, or where we go, we’re constantly either nourishing or toxifying ourselves.  Today, as we make our moment-to-moment choices, I invite us to pick what moves us forward, body, mind, and spirit, rather than what holds us back.  I encourage us to make decisions that promote our healing, growth, and flourishing.  This is the heart of yoga, and remember it’s practice not perfection!

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Grace and peace,