Today is my 12th rebirth day; as on 11/10/08 I should have died after a nightmarish chain of events led to me plummeting 30 feet off a cliff, headfirst onto a boulder. While I’m always hesitant to share this, “don’t be boastful” says a voice in my head, I decided to anyway. 🙂 Aside from “12” being an exceptionally meaningful number to me (my birthday is 12/12, Jesus had 12 disciples, and I love the Seahawks), I think we all could use some good news and hope these days.

It’s said heaven is wherever the Divine is. And on that fateful day, and throughout my 2 months in the ICU, heaven was my constant companion. She showed up in the form of family and friends leaving everything to travel hundreds and thousands of miles to be by my side. Paradise poured in from across the world as friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers all showered my family and I with healing blessings from around the world! As my friend Eoin says, “Love transcends all distance.” We are truly all connected and One. Angelic hands carried me through the storm, in the shape of kind and compassionate people who helped save my life, first on the canyon floor, and then at the hospital (more than once). My ex-wife, then fiancee, lost her job and house to care for me, because heaven knows people matter more than possessions. Coworkers and their spouses, plus church friends and pastors formed a nearly literal line to not only be with me (only 2 people were allowed at a time, and much of the time my room was “full”), but also to provide food, shelter, and care for my ex and family/friends when they visited me from out of town.

People are deeply, truly good, and heaven is all around and within us.

Life on the other side.

We’re so afraid of struggle (a requirement for growth), suffering (the source of compassion), pain (the wound thru which the Light enters), and “death” in all its forms (loss of job, end of relationship, miscarriage, divorce, moving, a change of presidents, our final breath, and beyond), we miss out on the profound harmony, wholeness, and deep wellbeing lying on the other side. The universal pattern is death then resurrection, loss then gain, falling then rising, winter then spring. So, sisters and brothers, in this time of widespread struggle, stress, and suffering I pray we keep going, continue persevering, stay with it, and stay together; because experience and beliefs both tell me the goodness on the other side is beyond words!

For anyone interested in more of my story, and the healing and transformative power of Love, you can get my memoir (Falling into Love: The Transformative Power of Community) here: … Also, in honor of my 12th rebirth day, I’m giving away 10 free copies of the ebook for anyone who could use some good news (I’d be honored if you also reviewed it on Amazon, but don’t expect it).

Hugs & Love,


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