Over the weekend my wife (looking fabulous in the pic by our friend Julie) shared, not for the first time, a dis-ease about an aspect of life. Can you relate? Each time I’ve felt a soul type of angst, a deep, bodily unrest, it’s been a sign I was NOT on the right path. Whether it was which college to go to, what to major in, which career path I should pursue, or who to be in relationship with, this inner knowingness has been right every time. Likewise, I’ve come to know a feeling of calm, cheerful confidence is a sure sign I’m going in a good direction … even when the “plan” lacks specifics!

While I’m not sure if this wisdom is “me” and/or Spirit, I do have a hunch it is connected to my soul and believe it’s also related to Source. Similarly, while I can’t say “where” it is, for me I feel this brilliant guidance in my heart space. You know the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where he has to take a “leap of faith” onto an invisible bridge? I’ve found life is a bit like that. When we trust life, when we believe the Spirit running through this all has our best interests in mind, the most incredible people, paths, answers, and such will regularly appear. Not so much because we force or pursue them, but because we open ourselves up to, and keep a watchful “eye” out for the endless possibilities of goodness beyond our wildest dreams, the Magical Mystery behind this all will offer us. Listen to your heart, believe in the Good, and it will come.

Hugs & Love,


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