Something awesome I’ve noticed this year is how smack dab in the middle of the suck and muck, I’ve witnessed countless people become her/his own “alarm clock”. Friends and family are waking up to their deepest desires, honoring the most excellent wisdom residing in each of us, healing their personal insecurities and judgments, and seeing and smashing the collective walls of injustice and misunderstanding that divide and harm us. It’s really quite beautiful and inspiring!

There’s a story about Jesus I think sheds some light on what’s going on. He and his disciples were on a boat going across a lake when a big storm rolled in. While the waves were tossing them wildly about and his followers were freaking out, the Christ was SLEEPING PEACEFULLY. Within each of us. I’ve increasingly discovered, there is a calm, centered, and cheerful light that never goes out, no matter how fiercely the storms rage outside! While it’s always there, the trick is returning to it, which becomes easier with time.

The more we tune in, feel, notice, listen, pay attention, and breath, the more aware of the radiance inside us, and its gifts of wisdom, joy, peace, and Love, we become. While our beautiful brains want to distract, judge, numb, worry, compare, compete, and such, I find the key is to feel everything, avoid nothing, notice and listen deeply to both ourselves and others, and let our breath bring us back to here and now. What helps you be your own “alarm clock” and get back to this sweet space?

Hugs and Love,