With my 46th birthday just around the corner (Saturday!), looking back I can say one of the best parts about getting older is feeling evermore permission to be freely and fully my quirky and unique self! In the movie Last Christmas, a character observes: “There’s no such thing as normal. It’s a stupid word. Does a lot of damage.” I couldn’t agree more! Does trying to be, or yearning for things to return to “normal” ever do any good? Or does it just cause us to suffer?

It seems to me when we say “normal” we mean either uniformity or NO change. This brings to mind the yogic practices of Aparigraha and SantoshaAparigraha is non-attachment, as in not expecting today to be like yesterday, a person to respond to your kindness in a certain way, you to be as good at a task as you were last time, 2020 to be anything other than 2020, and so on. Santosha is the peanut butter to Aparigraha‘s jelly, as it’s a radical acceptance and love of reality just as it is. it’s being high on life because you’re so awestruck over how fabulous it is to be here now!

In other words, don’t be attached to being like others or resist change, one of life’s few constants, as those are paths to pain. With that in mind: Here’s to being freely and fully YOU, welcoming Reality just as it is, and celebrating life!

Hugs & Love,


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