Sometimes when I look at a person (especially my wife Lisa), a sunset, or another bit of nature, among other things, I find myself captured and enraptured. Words escape me and time ceases, as in a real way, a “spell” has been put on me. Richard Rohr names these magical moments “beholding”. It’s when we shift gears from viewing the person or scenery as an object we are holding at a distance, to a subject we are being held with and by. Do you see the difference? To behold, is to be held. When we do this, we enter into a bigger plane of existence–a place of enchantment, soul wellness, and bliss.

While these magical moments can seem random and occasional, I’ve found certain practices and mentalities make them more deliberate and frequent. It’s all about presencing, as in being immersed in the here and now. When we give ourselves permission to let go of labelling, rushing (our default mode in the West, and a difficult one for me), evaluating, comparing, etc., and drop into slowing, relaxing, breathing, receiving, and savoring, we open ourselves up to experience magic.

Lisa and I enraptured. Pics by Stephanie Madson!

It reminds me of something rabbis have said for thousands of years: The burning bush Moses saw wasn’t unique; it was the place he slowed down enough to see what is true everywhere. ALL the world is ablaze with Divine beauty. May we slow, relax, breathe, receive, and savor to behold it!

Hugs & Love,


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